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Crescent Massage & Wellness Centers






All of our Delicious Services start at $1.00 per minute 


Destinations 60 min Massage

An affordable decadent therapeutic wellness massage always a Crescent favorite and always satisfying



Destinations 50 min Massage 

A nice little anytime treat, topped with wonderful stress busting relief for anyone on a time crunch



Destinations 90 min Massage

When you want a little extra attention, this massage delivers what you need



Destinations 120 min Massage 

When it’s been too long, the first half hour is the perfect dose of circulating techniques, followed by a main course of healthy hearty bodywork then one more hour to enjoy, is the whipped cream and cherry on top 



-Add on Services-


​Deep Tissue Destinations

Perfect for releasing those troubling knotty areas holding too much tension


$10.00 Per 60 Min

$15.00 Per 90 Min



Warm Sea Stone

Perfectly warmed stones gently laid on pressure points with

heat penetrating deep into tight muscles, all while receiving an amazing massage.


$20.00 Per 60 Min

$30.00 Per 90 min


Sports Massage

Exhilarating and calming, this massage has unique

stretching for muscles and joints.


$10.00 Per 60 Min

$15.00 Per 90 Min


Facial Facelift Massage

Better than your standard spa facial, with the use of specific pressure points on the face,scalp, and neck, tension is released in the facial muscles and jaw line, allowing fresh healthy oxygenated blood cells to fill, feed, and lift aging facial tissues by stimulating new collagen growth resulting in a glowing and more youthful appearance



Sugar Foot scrub

Add a cleansing exfoliating foot scrub and massage to any service.




Provides a highly effective short-term pain relief which permits faster recovery.



Aqua Ion Cleansing Detox

Be prepared for a look at what really needs removing from your             

body’s cells, watch as the water turns from clear to dark as the toxins are released 



$25.00 (With any service)


  -Monthly Membership-

Monthly Membership Package $59.99 per month Included in Membership:

One free 60 min Destinations Massage per month

UNLIMITED additional Destinations Massages for $39.99 during the month

(Savings of $20 for each additional 60 min Massage with membership)



Monthly Membership paid in full once annually breaks down to $49.99 per month

(savings $120 on membership for the year)